Personal Stories

“Kate is such an incredibly skilled, competent and knowledgeable practitioner. I started seeing Kate because after a year and a half of trying to conceive, and suffering a miscarriage along the way, I was about to embark on trying IVF and I wanted extra support. I had used acupuncture before, but several friends suggested that I see Kate specifically because of her extensive experience with working with clients who are undergoing IVF and have had challenges conceiving. Kate immediately impressed me with her warmth, sensitivity, and vast knowledge of the subject. Kate suspected that I had polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS; something that no other practitioner had ever mentioned) and this was confirmed months later by my IVF doctors (something they didn’t even catch initially!).

Every step of the way Kate had a good sense of what to expect and she was literally always correct with how things ended up manifesting within my body. For example, my first round of IVF the doctors had me on a very aggressive protocol, due to my age, and Kate was quite concerned I might experience ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). She was right and that cycle had to be canceled because I got such severe OHSS. Kate was able to offer very gentle, soothing treatments to help my body heal. During my second IVF cycle (with a much more conservative protocol) I got pregnant and I can’t help but feel that the acupuncture and herbs I received during the day of embryo transfer helped with implantation.

Unfortunately, I miscarried again from that cycle, but Kate was right there to offer knowledge, a kind heart and listening, and gentle healing with acupuncture. Kate called and emailed me in-between sessions to check on me and offer holistic guidance throughout this entire experience, something that truly goes above and beyond what most health practitioners do. She is truly a gifted healer and I feel so fortunate to have her in this community supporting me along this journey. It hasn’t been easy, but her care has really helped me feel taken care of and supported along the way and for that I will forever be grateful.” - C

“When I first came to Kate’s office I was very desperate and pretty hopeless. I had been trying to conceive for close to three years and had had 4 failed IUIs and 3 failed IVFs with the final one resulting in a miscarriage. I felt like I was going through this experience without any guidance and needed someone to help me heal and strengthen my body, but I also needed someone to help me navigate this incredibly difficult journey.

I am so glad that I found Kate! From the very beginning of our time working together I was struck by how meticulous Kate was, always making sure that she knew exactly what was going on with me, which made me trust her immediately. She worked with me for a few months and was so supportive when I would come in feeling depressed and worried that I still wasn’t getting pregnant.

She consistently guided me during this time and knew what to do next and what I should be trying. I always felt so reassured whenever I saw her, and I felt like we were making progress even though we weren’t there yet. Then, after working together for a few months, I naturally conceived identical twins! Kate was one of the first people I told! She then helped me through an incredibly difficult pregnancy both physically and emotionally and was always there to speak to me when I was panicking and needing advice. And, then when my girls were born prematurely, she supported me again.

My girls are now home, working on growing and getting to know the world, and I can’t stress enough how crucial Kate was in helping me get here. I am immensely grateful to Kate for supporting me through this incredibly challenging journey and for helping bring my daughters into my life. “ -L

“There are no words that could explain the way I feel about Kate and her services. My husband and I are eternally grateful for all that she has done for us. It is our loss that she is now on the east coast, but such a gain to those needing her services. Unfortunately, my husband and I have been dealing with fertility issues since 2002 (probably even before that).

We started going to Nurture Acupuncture in 2008 — because of their services, such as Kate’s abdominal massage and acupuncture treatments, I have been ovulating for the past year and a half. We’re still waiting for our little angel to come, but I highly believe that what Kate has done for us is taking us much closer to our goal. There was an instance during my second IVF attempt where I almost died due to an error the doctor made. Kate helped me get through that devastating time — she helped me physically and emotionally, and never lost hope. When I thought things were so low that I felt like giving up, Kate was always there to think good thoughts for me and to remind me of what we’re doing all of this for. Not only is she a great abdominal masseuse and acupuncturist, but a dear friend.

She is highly knowledgeable and experienced, and is always willing to take time to answer any questions you may have. The last thing you want to do when you have questions about your cycle, or feel like the world is falling apart, is to have someone rush you during your session. Our sessions are pretty thorough and depending on what is needed at that particular time, anything from abdominal massage to acupuncture to cupping may be performed.

Don’t feel shy to ask Kate about anything – I didn’t! Cervical mucus, timing, bowel movements, menses, what to eat/not eat, exercises, herbs, sperm… I asked it all!. It goes without saying, but I highly recommend Kate’s services to everyone needing help with fertility issues. If you want a professional who is willing to listen to all that you have to say and will give you customized treatments, look no further.” -D

“I highly recommend seeing Kate for anyone having trouble with infertility. I went to her for treatments for over a year at Nurture Acupuncture in California. Kate is the most caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable practitioner you could ask for. She always takes the time to listen to your concerns and talk you through everything. I saw her for both abdominal massage and acupuncture. My cycle changed for the better with her treatments. My luteal phase was elongated and my cycle became more regular. She also opened up the stagnation in my abdomen and improved my femoral pulses. After a year and a half of trying naturally, my husband and I tried IUI twice with no luck.

Throughout my failed attempts Kate always tried to find out more about why I wasn’t conceiving, she worried she was missing something, and kept trying her best to figure it out. We then went on to IVF this winter and I am happy to say I am now pregnant with twins and continuing with acupuncture to help maintain the pregnancy. I am confident that the work Kate did over the past year has played a huge part in my success, preparing my body to conceive and support this pregnancy. Seeing Kate also kept me sane during such a difficult time. I always knew that she was there for me, doing all she could to help me reach my goal. Even though we are 3,000 miles apart now, she still asks about me and wants updates about my pregnancy. I can’t recommend her highly enough!K

I was terrified of needles the first time I met Kate. But I was a week past my due date with my first baby and the thought of an IV of pitocin terrified me far more than needles, so I gave acupuncture a chance. Kate took the time to listen to my concerns and allayed my fears with her calm presence.

She made me feel at ease throughout the treatment by explaining what she was doing during each step of the labor preparation treatment. Even as a nervous first time mom and terrified first time acupuncture patient, I was able to relax enough in Kate’s capable hands receive a very effective treatment. I went into heavy, active labor that night and met our baby girl the next morning.” -J

“I met Kate when I had been trying infertility treatments for over 10 years and after 3 previous failures of IVF. My body was exhausted and I felt anxious and depressed since I was approaching my mid 40’s. However, I wanted to try one more shot (IVF) and I wanted to become as healthy as possible.

Previously I had tried acupuncture with several doctors but since I was very sensitive, it often had a reverse effect and caused me to have insomnia. So, I decided to have only a mild form of acupressure treatment — abdominal massage. When I received a massage from Kate, it was almost like spiritual healing. She was very gentle and totally understood me. I was having a difficult time relaxing and whenever I received a massage from Kate, I felt so comfortable and peaceful that I always fell asleep during the treatment.

I saw Kate for two years to make my body ready. Because of pressure and desperation, I developed anxiety disorder to the extent that I had to take anti-depressant medication. Whenever I received abdominal massage from Kate, she checked in with me very kindly and listened to my talk very patiently. Although it was not long, I always felt comforted. There was a period of time that I felt that I could never get well enough to even be able to try another IVF but her smile and encouragement made a big difference. Although I went through a lot, at last, I was able to have the fourth IVF and very fortunately, I was able to conceive at this time. I had a difficult pregnancy so I had to stay home most of the time to rest . Due to the hormonal changes I had insomnia and depression so I was delighted when she called me to check to see how I was doing.

I really felt she cared about me. During the final stage of my pregnancy, I had a very bad backache. Kate gave me back massage and it really helped to alleviate pain. Kate is not just a skilled acupuncturist/massage therapist, she is a healer, she healed not only my body to allow me to get pregnant but she healed my mind too. I am grateful that I was able to meet her, and I can not thank her enough for all the TLC she provided for me, because I know that without her, I would not be able to conceive and be blessed with a wonderful baby.” A