Fertility & Pregnancy

At Radiant Point Acupuncture our goal is to help build families and we happily embrace the diversity that word includes. We warmly welcome the LGBTQ community, single mothers and parents by choice and surrogates.


Whether you are attempting to conceive at home or with the help of assisted reproductive technologies like IVF or IUI, fertility challenges can feel isolating and overwhelming. Emotional strains, financial concerns and often a western medical diagnosis of “unexplained infertility” can leave families feeling powerless. Our goal at Radiant Point Acupuncture is to help achieve pregnancy while creating a healing space of support and individualized care.

Conception at home/ICI: Difficulties tracking your cycle or repeated unsuccessful conception attempts are often unexpected. This additional stress can further compound fertility challenges. Taking the time to understand your unique menstrual cycle can be the key to fertility. By preparing your body for pregnancy you can improve your chance of a healthier pregnancy and lessen your risk for complications.

IUI and IVF: Recent studies confirm Traditional Chinese Medicine’s positive influence on achieving pregnancy in concert with Assisted Reproductive Therapies. Often times a diagnosis of infertility can be stressful enough, but that compounded by complex pharmaceutical regiments and multiple doctors appointments can leave families overwhelmed. Acupuncture provides a safe, healing space to process and recover, allowing for up to 65% increase in conception. Patients who received acupuncture on transfer day alone with no other preparatory treatments, improved their conception rates by 39%.


  • Mitigate complications from irregular menses and syndromes like PCOS or Endometriosis
  • Encourage implantation, embryo growth and prevent miscarriage
  • Counter negative stress feedback loops that poorly influence ovarian/pituitary/hypothalamus axis
  • Improve follicle count and quality
  • Increase uterine lining thickness
  • Promote health for advanced parental age concerns
  • Lower elevated FSH
  • Decrease inflammation for PID or fallopian tube factors
  • Help to calm autoimmune disorders
  • Address sperm factor issues
  • Improve success rates of ICI, IUI and IVF
  • Help prepare a solid foundation for donor sperm or donor egg cycles
  • Support for single mothers and parents by choice and surrogates
  • Help heal mild to moderate OHSS


Pregnancy: Just as every person is unique so too is every pregnancy. The experience and resulting transformation is deeply personal and should be celebrated in health and happiness. Sometimes this transformation can strain the physical body, leading to discomfort or complications. Through acupuncture we work to prevent that stress from ever beginning. During pregnancy, treatments optimize fetal growth and encourage balance and strength for the parent to be. Through proper prenatal care, complications can be averted and the experience of pregnancy can be enjoyed in safety and health.

Happy BabyLabor Preparation: Acupuncture treatments in the time surrounding labor focus on proper fetal position and encouraging a smooth and timely labor so induction can be avoided. Research has shown that parents who receive acupuncture and massage in preparation for birth experienced shortened labor times, reduced cesarian rates and quicker recovery.

Postpartum care: After delivery it is imperative to rebuild and rebalance. The instinct is to nest and nurture but by taking care of ones own body one can better care for those at home. Respect for this recovery time helps to acknowledge all the delivering parent has done to welcome the new baby. Acupuncture treatments focus on relaxation, restoration and creating renewed stores of energy.


  • Stop insomnia or restless sleep
  • Prevent miscarriage
  • Alleviate constipation
  • Ease hemorrhoid discomfort
  • Improve energy
  • Soothe low back ache, sciatica & carpal tunnel
  • Stop heartburn
  • Reduce edema
  • Help to control gestational hypertension or diabetes
  • Promote timely labor with proper presentation/breech
  • Postpartum complications like depression or lactation challenges
  • Prevent or help manage morning sickness
  • Improve sensation and shorten healing time for delivery tears or placental complications