Acupunture with donor sperm
and donor egg

Fertility challenges that include choosing donor sperm/donor egg can be emotionally as well as physically and financially challenging. Perhaps the challenge is charting your cycle to determine when optimal timing would be to order sperm for an at home insemination. Perhaps the challenge includes flying out of state to meet your egg donors cycle. In these cases, acupuncture focuses not only on hormonal balance but also on managing stress. Acupuncture calms the spirit while regulating feedback loops for optimal cycle predictability. Abdominal massage encourages blood flow, rooting patients in their own deep breathing while increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs. Chinese herbal formulas focus on the specific areas of need whether it is encouraging a timely ovulation or relaxing the body for implantation. Ultimately the goal is to create a safe, respectful and sacred space to successfully expand your family.