acupunture to prevent Miscarriage

Miscarriage during the first trimester of pregnancy is much more common then most assume. There are many factors that can contribute, but most often it is related to chromosomal abnormalities. When this is the case, it can often be resolved by focusing on sperm and/or egg quality. Sperm regeneration takes about 90 days and the follicles’ journey to maturation is 120. Acupuncture along with herbs and high grade antioxidants can work to nourish the eggs and sperm during that time resulting in a greater likelihood of a strong and viable pregnancy.

Repeat pregnancy loss is defined by Western Medicine as 3 documented losses. At that time ObGyn’s and Reproductive Endocrinologists often begin testing to confirm there are no additional contributing factors. Depending on what is suspected, everything from thyroid function to blood clotting disorders and autoimmune conditions can be explored.
In these cases acupuncture again seeks to restore balance, focusing on invigorating blood, calming a hyperactive immune system and using herbs to reinforce a solid foundation.