acupunture for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a complicated condition that can remain undiagnosed until symptoms effecting energy, weight and menstrual irregularities become overwhelming. Acupuncture seeks to peel back the layers of this disorder, improving general health while ultimately helping the body to re-establish its’ own hormonal balance. Not everyone has a 28 day cycle. The most important part of treatment is to find and respect your bodies natural rhythm.

Acupuncture treatments are done once a week and attempt to coincide with the menstrual cycle. Ideally, as your cycle becomes more regular it will be easier to reinforce all four healthy stages including follicular, ovulatory, luteal and menstrual. After 3-6 solid cycles your hormonal system will be functioning at its’ own version of ideal.

Trying to conceive with this diagnosis can be frustrating. Timing becomes challenging and the risk of miscarriage can be higher. Through acupuncture and herbal medicine it becomes easier to predict your cycle. Once you do conceive the foundation you have built is stronger hence the risk of loss less likely.