Philosophy of Care

At Radiant Point Acupuncture our goal is to help every woman develop a deeper sense of communication with her body. This dialogue allows for healing through empowerment, resulting in the graceful navigation of life changes. Oriental Medicine, including acupuncture, Chinese herbs and massage is rooted in over 3,000 years of history and tradition. It is a complete medical system that has remained flexible and relevant, developing innovative protocols for complex new syndromes. It is the desire to honor what works from the past while expanding towards the future that Radiant Point Acupuncture strives to embody.

Updated Pandemic Protocols

My primary concern is the health and well being of my patients. To this end I am focused on implementing procedures that will allow us to continue our health care plans while keeping everyone as safe as possible. This is an outline of current procedures. However, as information on Covid-19 evolves I will change things accordingly.
1. Cleanliness
All surfaces are cleaned in between each patient. That means that you will never touch a surface that anyone else has touched. All surface cleaning will be documented and can be reviewed on the bulletin board next to the front door. Deep cleans happen every Saturday afternoon. Documentation on that is also on the board.
2. Screening
24 hrs before a treatment a screening email goes out. This attestation confirms no covid like symptoms are present. There will also be a symptom recheck on the day of treatment as well as temperature check at the door. We must all stay vigilant and stay home when we don’t feel well. This is the best way to keep everyone safe. I will follow the same rules and my temperatures (3x per day) will be posted on the bulletin board. I also check my blood oxygen rate regularly as well.
3. Minimizing potential for aerosol transmission
Everyone wears a mask over their nose and mouth the entire time they are in the clinic.
I wear a mask the entire time I am in the clinic with the exception of eating and drinking. Intakes will be done from the car over the phone to minimize contact time and conversation while in the office. Each treatment room will be aired out in between each patient for 30 minutes. Windows in each treatment room and main office are left open during lunch hour and overnight.
Please feel free to see PDF’s of cleaning documents.
And as always, I welcome input on how to make things better and safer.
Warmly & Sincerely,
Kate Cadwgan L.Ac.

Acupuncture Can Help!


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